The strategic communications challenges you face don’t come packaged in a standard box. So neither should the solutions..

At Oxtale, we’ve years of expertise in communications, strategy and problem-solving, working with PLCs, SMEs and not-for-profits with their own challenges and opportunities.

They operate in diverse sectors such as food & farming, environment, industry, and science & innovation, where a scientific background and technical appreciation of the subject is important.

Using experience, skill, ethical rigour and strategic nous, we create bespoke programmes to unblock obstacles, tame your crises, position your organisation, influence your most important people, safeguard your reputation, and make you famous for the right stuff!


What We Do…


Don’t avoid the elephant in the room. Let us help you identify and face up to any reputational weaknesses and tackle the issues head on. And if the worst – a crisis – does happen, we’ll have you comfortable and clear about saying and doing the right things.

“Amy has displayed not only an ability to plan at a strategic and tactical level, but also to anticipate potential developments. This would apply for both for proactive PR and reactive issues management.”
Amanda Ball, former Head of Strategy, AHDB Dairy




Havin an authentic reputation depends on walking the talk. We’ll look constructively at what you’re doing now, and where you want to be, and talk honestly about how you live your brand, inside and out.

“Amy has deep knowledge of the farming industry and how it works, strong communication skills, and an understanding of the most important audiences and what makes them tick. These give her a strong perceptive ability to foresee obstacles and opportunities, and present an argument or message so that it delivers the desired outcome.” 
Tim Brigstocke, Policy Director and ex-Chairman RABDF, Chairman Cattle Health and Welfare Group, Executive Director CHECS 



Having the right people behind you can make a world of difference. Whether they’re employees, local communities, media, customers, regulators or government, we can create a plan to build long term relationships and turn critics into advocates.

“Everyone has been impressed with the way Amy has worked. She is enthusiastic yet very practical and realistic in what can be achieved. She is also sensitive in the way she deals with people, always getting the best out of them.”
Ian Hobson, Malling-Holmesdale Federation


Make sure people think of the right things when they hear your name. Let us look at your strategy, uncover what you’re really about, and build you a strong reputational brand that makes you famous for the right stuff.

“Amy is a highly experienced and enthusiastic communicator, and bought a strategic vision to our communications. Any Communications Director who can get you on the sofa of Breakfast TV has to be good at her job!!”
Kevin Bellamy, formerly Chief Executive of the Milk Development Council, and Global Sector Head Dairy at Rabobank


Where We Work…


Farming and food chain

What more can we say? Agribusiness, farming and food chain are our bag. We’ve worked on a wide range of arable, produce and livestock projects, managing issues and promoting products and services.

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Renewables, waste and natural capital

We’re there with you whether it's GHGs or FITs, AD or PV, conservation or waste, natural capital or recycling, using our skills to publicise progress, compile reports and promote good practice.

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Raw material production, mining and manufacturing

Industry’s a key component of the UK economy – but not everyone sees it that way. Disaffected stakeholders can create challenges on anything from emissions to traffic, fuels and planning.

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Health and welfare

Do you compromise your integrity by oversimplifying the message? Or do you lose your audiences in a web of jargon? Science communication is an area where many struggle to strike the right balance.

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Who We Are…

Oxtale is led by Amy Jackson. Amy frequently works collaboratively with other consultancies and specialist freelancers when necessary – such as for a technical or subject specialism, or for insight into specific media. Whatever the need, Oxtale can supply the appropriate level of expertise to maximise the effectiveness of your project.

Amy Jackson

Amy has over 25 years’ experience in communications and PR, in consultancies and in-house, working for a huge range of organisations from charities to blue chip businesses, international NGOs and SMEs. But she also has hands-on skills in farming and the land-based industries, and that’s where her heart lies. Amy’s particularly passionate about animal welfare and finicky about facts! She regularly speaks about issues and crisis management, advocating a ‘bottom up’ approach ensuring communications are underpinned by the right actions, and completed a PhD examining public preference for dairy farming in 2022, from the University of Nottingham vet school.


Who You Are…

So you might be a plc or small commercial operation, membership or not-for-profit organisation, farm business or college. And you could be in science or agribusiness, environment or renewables, waste or industry. You could even be a PR agency looking for a specialist to work with your team.

Whatever and whoever you are, we always pick the best ways to communicate the right message to your most important people.


How We Work…

We’re not info fluff. We’re straight-talking which means we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo – or you, if we think you’re on the wrong track. We believe this clarity and honesty is why our clients come back time after time.

We can work for you on a retained basis, but we also love short term projects with defined targets.

We can develop strategy, trouble-shoot, media train and implement programmes. We’ll listen to your needs, research our options and create a proposal to deliver against your business objectives. And we’re whizzes at the whole range of PR tools – whether media, direct, events, digital or social. Which means we don’t choose what’s most familiar – we choose the combination that’s best at reaching your audiences.

Our communications campaigns also measure success with clarity, in a way you value, and we invoice simply with no add-ons.



Don’t take our word for it

We just want to reiterate how brilliant you've been. We'd have been gutted if we’d missed out on working with you. You've been a star!!

James McInnes, CEO/Co-Founder, Hectare

Amy is a highly experienced and enthusiastic communicator. Working with Amy, she always had a finger on the pulse of how the wider community would be thinking, and bought a strategic vision to our communications which simply did not happen when she was not around. Any Communications Director who can get you on the sofa of Breakfast TV has to be good at her job!!

Kevin Bellamy, Former Chief Executive of MDC and Senior Analyst (Dairy) at Rabobank

I worked with Amy for many years in Lafarge & Lafarge Tarmac, both at a site and national level. Amy was always professional, delivered quality work on time and was able to pull together information from many sources and people to help create media communications or inform our business in specific requested areas. She was also easy to get on with and could people at ease to ensure when preparing to talk to the public or media they were well relaxed and informed to deliver the message.

David Shenton, Senior Environment Manager, Tarmac

Amy is great to work with - focussed, energetic, and works hard to help achieve the goals set for the project. She also keeps you well-informed on progress or issues that arise.

Gerrard Fisher, Special Advisor (Business models & Electronic products), WRAP

Amy has deep knowledge of the farming industry and how it works, strong communication skills, and an understanding of the most important audiences and what makes them tick. These give her a strong perceptive ability to foresee obstacles and opportunities, and present an argument or message so that it delivers the desired outcome.

Tim Brigstocke, Policy Director and ex-Chairman RABDF, Executive Director CHECS

Oxtale helped the APM when we found ourselves at the centre of a media storm. They not only provided expert training but helped us understand how to use the opportunities that media attention afforded.

Dr David Brooks, Past President of the Association for Palliative Medicine

The quality of presentation material, organisation of exhibitions and management of key stakeholders and consultees has been exemplary, as has the continuing engagement with the local community.

Tony Scorer, Head of Onshore Development, EDF Energy Renewables

Amy has a very good grasp of technical issues and the importance of science in underpinning industry developments. Her knowledge, communication skills and ability to challenge constructively make her a great asset.

Jenny Gibbons, Animal Health & Welfare Senior Scientist, AHDB

Amy knows what journalists need – she is always available, appreciates the importance of deadlines and knows what makes a good story. Her clients are always well-briefed and her knowledge ensures she's on top of the subject.

Johann Tasker, Chief Reporter, Farmers Weekly

The world of animal science and academia often struggles with finding the balance between sharing information and over-complicating its messages, but Amy succeeds where many of us fail.

Mike Steele, former Chief Executive, British Society Animal Science



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